Explore Your Water Cooler Options

Serving Lafayette, Youngsville & Broussard, LA

Don't have a water cooler? You shouldn't miss out on this environmentally-friendly way to stay hydrated. When you work with Clear Springs Water for water cooler services, you'll have options to...

  • Choose a top-loaded or bottom-loaded cooler model
  • Have your reusable five or three-gallon refill bottles delivered
  • Enjoy hot or cold water from the same cooler

Each cooler bottle has a handle for easy replacement when it's time for a refill. Order your cooler from our water cooler service in Lafayette, LA today.



Take advantage of water cooler maintenance in Lafayette, Youngsville or Broussard, LA

Whether you've got a water cooler in your office or at home, it's frustrating when it doesn't work properly. Luckily, you can get next-day or sooner water cooler maintenance from Clear Springs Water in Lafayette, Youngsville or Broussard, LA. We'll provide a long-lasting fix, so you can keep enjoying cool, crisp water.

Call 337-519-3563 now to arrange for water cooler maintenance if your cooler isn't working properly.