Looking for a Bottling Partner?

Looking for a Bottling Partner?

Use our Bottling Facilities in Kentwood, LA!

Clear Springs offers bottling services to other distributors from our facility in Kentwood, LA.

When you send your containers to our bottling facility, they are sanitized and filled with fresh artesian spring water.

You can be confident in the quality you are providing your clients!

Our water goes through the following processes to ensure the highest quality:

  • Micron Filtered
  • Carbon Filtered
  • UV Filtered
  • Ozonated
  • Bottles are filled by the rack or truckload.

    If you are looking for a bottling partner, contact us now to arrange services from our plant in Kentwood, LA!

    The Clear Springs bottling facility is located at 100 Ave C, Kentwood, LA 70444.