Stay Hydrated at Home or the Office with Bottled Water Delivery

Stay Hydrated at Home or the Office with Bottled Water Delivery

Schedule bottled water case delivery services in Lafayette & surrounding areas

You shouldn't go dehydrated just because you don't have access to water on the go. Instead, stock up on convenient water bottles filled with locally sourced fresh water. Clear Springs Water provides bottled water case delivery services to homes and offices in Lafayette, Youngsville, New Iberia, Broussard, LA and surrounding areas.

With a case on hand, you can just grab a water bottle when you're on the go and enjoy being hydrated all day long. Call 337-519-3563 now to set up bottle water delivery services.

Get the information you need before scheduling delivery

Before you schedule your first bottle water delivery, you may have some questions. Check out the following FAQs to learn the answers:

What are your bulk delivery options? Our water is available in pallets and by individual cases.

  • How big are the cases? Each case contains 24 half-liter-sized water bottles.
  • Where does the water come from? Our water is locally bottled from the Kentwood Springs aquifer.

When it's this easy to stay hydrated, there's no reason you should hesitate to set up your bottled water case delivery schedule. Discuss your delivery frequency with our team today.